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Bin Ladders

Every Quality Conscious Seedsman knows that a Bin Ladder can improve his profits by keeping cleanout percentages (FM) low. But conventional bin ladders have a lot of problems for soybean seed, seed corn, peanuts, kidney and navy beans, feed pellets, and any other fragile, free-flowing industrial or agricultural material.


Unlike conventional ladders, our ladder has air cushion* baffles to minimize breakage of fragile materials beyond what was previously possible. Our ladder is center mounted in a bin, rather than wall mounted like other ladders, so it can fill a bin virtually to capacity without extra equipment. The AMOS ladder has specially engineered ducts* that make our ladder the only bin ladder that unloads as well as fills a bin. The ducts unload a bin from the top, allowing the removal of stratified layers of moldy product layer by layer.


Our ladder incorporates a flow channelizer to prevent materials being loaded from spilling out the top of the ladder. Our ladder also has a self-cleaning discharge that allows removal of the entire bin load. Another feature of our ladder is safety. Because the ladder unloads a bin from the top, and because the discharge ducts are too small to permit entry of a human body, the danger of suffocation in flowing grain or other material is eliminated.


Our bin ladders work equally well in solid or perforated floor flat bottom bins and in hopper bottom bins and are completely compatible with sweep augers in flat bottom bins.  Each ladder is fabricated from welded steel and abrasion resistant rubber for years of maintenance free service.  Inflow/outflow capacity of the ladder is 2500 bu/hr.   Larger models are available on request.  Price of the our ladder is competitive against ladders that do not offer these exclusive features.

  * U.S. Patent 413 8021

Hopper and Flow channelizer for bin ladder
air baffle for bin ladder
discharge duct for bin ladders
universal mounting system for bin ladder
Hopper & Flow Channelizer
From the time your product enters the ladder, modern technology and innovative design are working for you. The hopper and flow channelizer collect the product and direct it into the ladder. Product spillage, damage and waste are prevented to keep profits up.
Air Baffle
The baffles on our ladder are a combination of unique design and highly abrasion resistant rubber, forming a soft air cushion between the rubber pad and the steel baffle. This air cushion acts as a shock absorber to protect your fragile product from damage as it is loaded into the bin.
Discharge Ducts
Our unloading ducts protect your product by unloading the bin form the top, one layer at a time. Stresses created by flowing materials are minimized, allowing the ladder to be center mounted in the bin. The unique unloading ducts eliminate the danger of suffocation in an unloading bin because of the top unloading system and the size of the ducts.
Universal Mounting System
The universal mounting system allows our ladders to be easily mounted in any bin. Adjustable supports make precise fitting to any bin a snap. The universal mounting system provides custom mounting in flat bottom bins with or without perforated floors or sweep augers, and in hopper bottom bins.